Dryhootch Partners for Veteran Health

Event Notice: Wisconsin Operation Immersion – Ft. McCoy October 21-23, 2014.  See events calendar for details.

Dryhootch Partners for Veteran Health is a community-academic partnership for health focused on improving outcomes for veterans across a wide variety of health and mental health outcomes.  The partnership members include lead personnel from a veteran led non-profit organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well as faculty, staff, and healthcare providers from 4 other agencies in the greater Milwaukee area.

  • Dryhootch of America, Inc.
  • Zablocki (Milwaukee) VA healthcare System
  • Medical College of Wisconsin’s (Center for Healthy Communities & Research)
  • University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Occupational Science & Technology)
  • Mental Health America

Dryhootch Partners for Veteran Health Retreat 2014