15 Jun

Dryhootch Wins SAMHSA Grant

Dryhootch recently won a SAMHSA grant focused on inter-agency coordination for veterans issues.  The grant provides approximately $100,000 per year for 3 years.  This effort builds on the Wisconsin Veterans Health Coalition and leverages prior funding obtained by the Dryhootch Partnership for Veteran Health.

04 Jun

Dr. Sandra Resnick Provides Feedback on Veteran Peer Mentor Training

Recent Dryhootch Partners for Veteran Health retreat with Dr. Sandra Resnick, an expert on veteran peer mentorship, from the VA’s National Center for PTSD.  The retreat was held at the Milwaukee War Memorial and Milwaukee Art Museum.

From Left to Right:
Dawn Zak, Mental Health America
Zeno Franco, Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)
Leslie Patterson, MCW
Sandra Resnick, VA Central Office/ NCPTSD
Shep Crumrine, Milwaukee VA Medical Center
Ginny Stoffel, UW-Milwaukee
Jada Reynolds, Dryhootch
Stephen Melka, Milwaukee VA Medical Center
Vick Fowler, Dryhootch
Jeff Whittle, Milwaukee VA Medical Center/MCW
Carletta Rhodes, MCW
Karen Berte, Milwaukee VA Medical Center (Ret.)
Mark Flower, Dryhootch


10 Apr

Bob Woodruff Foundation Extends iPeer project

Dryhootch of America, Dryhootch FOB & iPeer Expansion Program
Dryhootch is a community-based nonprofit organization established by veterans for veterans. Their focus is to provide a safe, drug-and alcohol-free environment for returning veterans, their families and their extended network, encouraging interaction with the community as a whole. With the help of BWF, Dryhootch will hire a regional manager to evaluate the impact of peer-mentoring programs on veterans’ mental health, acting as a conduit in the communities for the VA Healthcare systems. Dryhootch will also look to expand its iPeer program, a social-and technology-based support program, improving access to peer support through app-based smartphone interactions…

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