Total funding (direct & leveraging): $1.24 Million
Total synergistic funding: $1.02 Million
Overall total: $2.24 Million

Direct Partnership Grants

Total Direct Funding: $840,000

Title: DryHootch iPeer: A Social & Technology Support Program for Veteran Mental Health
Funder: Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program (HWPP)
Time Period: 5 years
Award Amount: $749,797

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Title: mPeer: Mobile Detection of High Risk Behavior in Veterans- A Sociotechnical Systems Approach
Funder: CTSI Pilot and Collaborative Grant
Time Period: 1 years
Award Amount: $49,997

Title: Dryhootch: Veterans using peer support to make sure their comrades get the care they need
Funder: Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program (HWPP)
Time Period: 1 years
Award Amount: $40,000

Leveraging Grants

Total Leveraging Funding: $400,000

Title: Wisconsin’s Band of Brothers and Sisters.
Funder:  SAMHSA.
Time Period:  3 years.
Award Amount: ~$300,000
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Title: Samhsa Recovery Community Support Program – State Network
Funder:  SAMHSA.
Time Period:  2 years.
Award Amount: ~$100,000
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Synergistic Grants

Total Synergistic Funding: $1.025 M


Funder: Helen Bader Foundation
Time Period:
2 years
Award Amount:
Lead Agency: 
The Battery Factory 
Focus area:
ArtsShakespeare with Veterans (Feast of Crispian)

2012 or 2013
Funder: SAMHSA
Time Period: 
Award Amount: $975,000
Lead Agency: Milwaukee County Behavioral Health
Focus area: Alternative veteran court, court referred veteran peer mentorship